Friday, December 19, 2014

Kyndal Marie Hancock, Gaston, SC

Ms. Hancock, 21 years old, was busted with a couple of guys on a Sudafed run, in possession of meth. Her Facebook profile says, "I prefer to always remain on top, thats why i never stop!" We recommend that you stop as soon as possible, because your "before" photo may be our best meth angel of the year. The mug shot ... well, you're still in there somewhere, but visibly heading in the wrong direction.

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Megan Barrier, Cana, VA

Ms. Barrier, 20, was busted in a home with two older dudes and more than a kilo of meth. Apparently, the guys were the prime culprits, and Megan's bond was just $5,000, while the guys both got hit with a $750,000 bond.

We're not sure whether this is the same Megan Barrier who just got married to Kyle Stevens. If so, um ... where is your husband? If not, well, either way, it's time to keep better company.

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