Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Jennifer Lynn Kyker, Charleston, TN

Three children were removed from a home full of meth cooking stuff and hypodermic needles. Ms. Kyker, and a 35 year old male, were arrested. We are fortunate to have "before and after" photos for Ms. Kyker, otherwise she wouldn't have made the site.

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Chel-C Dunham, Fulton, NY

Yes, this is what Chel-C looked like BEFORE meth. She was busted cooking and shooting up, in a pickup truck, with a 31 year old guy, with warrants. Nice.

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Mary Tucker, Taylorville, IL

It has been a long time. But the meth angels are back. Today, we found Mary Tucker. Ms. Tucker, 19, and two young associates, were busted in Taylorville, a small town in western Illinois. Comparing this photo to her mug shot, meth has already started taking its toll.

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