Thursday, September 5, 2013

Tamera Elizabeth Pennell, Granite Falls, NC

Ms. Pennell, according to her Facebook page, has a beautiful little daughter. Her occupation is, "Dancer at night club." And while she was not personally charged with a drug offense, she was arrested on an outstanding warrant when the cops found her in a hotel room with a habitual drug offender, and $2,800 worth of meth. Could you make better choices for the good of your daughter, Tamara?

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Monday, September 2, 2013

Tabitha Leshay Scrivner, Doniphan, MO

According to police reports, two women were trying to score some meth, and Tabitha and a couple of friends were supposed to provide it. Instead, they pistol whipped them, took their money, and left them naked at the side of a country road. The $235 loot was found hidden in Tabitha's clothing.

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Miracle Renee Watson, Jefferson County, AL

Yeah, I know, girl definitely needs to get her hair done. But for a meth chick, with two young kids, and a house full of garbage and dog crap, she looks remarkably good. You might even say it's a miracle!

Of course, a miracle isn't something you can count on. Miss Watson would be wise to kick that meth habit, and probably find a new boyfriend too. To that end, we recommend improving your hair style. Other than that, you're definitely a meth angel.

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